Grade 5 Ontario Math Patterns & Equations Assessments

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This resource is for the Grade 5 ALGEBRA strand of Patterns and Relationships AND Equalities and Inequalities. ***This resource is meant to be used with my Grade 5 Patterns & Equations Unit but can also be used separately.***


Do you need summative assessments for the NEW Ontario Math Curriculum? This NO-PREP, PDF and editable resource is what you need! This resource contains summative assessments for your students to apply what they have learned in the Patterns and Relationships AND Equations and Inequalities strands.


This package contains 2 assessments: a Mid-Chapter Quiz and a Unit Test. The assessments come in PDF AND as an editable Google Slide for you to differentiate and modify when needed – we also know how much student engagement increases when students read their own names on assessments!


Assessments touch upon all 4 levels of assessment: Knowledge & Understanding, Thinking, Communication, and Application questions.


Finally, a BONUS feature is included! This resource includes a unique ©MyCalltoTeach Grade 5 Math Curriculum Tracker template and UNIQUE Patterns & Equations badge of completion. Students keep a copy of the tracker in their notebooks at the beginning of the year. As they complete each unit and its assessments, the student receives a unique completion badge. Collect them all and that means the student has completed the entire Grade 5 Math Curriculum!


What’s Included:

  • 1 PDF Patterns & Equations Mid-Chapter Quiz (3 pages, 5 questions)
  • 1 PDF Patterns & Equations Mid-Chapter Quiz ANSWERS
  • 1 PDF Patterns & Equations Test (4 pages, 10 questions)
  • 1 PDF Patterns & Equations Test ANSWERS
  • 1 EDITABLE Google Slide Patterns & Equations Mid-Chapter Quiz
  • 1 EDITABLE Google Slide Patterns & Equations Test
  • BONUS: ©MyCalltoTeach Grade 5 Curriculum Tracker
  • BONUS: ©MyCalltoTeach Grade 5 UNIQUE Patterns & Equations Completion Badge


Expectations covered:

C1.1 identify and describe repeating, growing, and shrinking patterns, including patterns found in real-life contexts

C1.2 create and translate growing and shrinking patterns using various representations, including tables of values and graphs

C1.3 determine pattern rules and use them to extend patterns, make and justify predictions, and identify missing elements in repeating, growing, and shrinking patterns

C2.1 translate among words, algebraic expressions, and visual representations that describe equivalent relationships

C2.2 evaluate algebraic expressions that involve whole numbers

C2.3 solve equations that involve whole numbers up to 100 in various contexts, and verify solutions

C2.4 solve inequalities that involve one operation and whole numbers up to 50, and verify and graph the solutions

"*Note that C1.4 is covered in the Decimals Assessment package


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