Grade 4 5 6 Making Connections Reading and Writing - NEW Ontario Language Curriculum

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Elevate your students' reading and writing skills with this Making Connections bundle of lessons and activities, thoughtfully designed for young learners in grades 4 to 6. This comprehensive resource pack is a dynamic blend of digital and ready-to-print materials, offering a rich array of activities that empower students to master the art of making connections within texts.

What's Included: 

1. Making Connections Introduction - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (32 slides) and ready-to-print PDF

  • Introduces the concepts of Making Connections (text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-media, text-to-world)

2. Making Connections interactive notebook pages - ready-to-print PDF (2 pages) and ANSWERS 

  • Interactive notebook page for students

3. Writing Connections - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (8 slides) and ready-to-print PDF

  • A scaffolded lesson - how two write connections clearly and concisely

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Connections - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (7 slides) and ready-to-print PDF 

  • Interactive class activity where students walk around and make connections based on a variety of readings

5. Making Connections extra practice worksheet - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (2 slides) and ready-to-print PDF (includes ANSWERS)

  • More practice on making connections from fiction and non-fiction text

6. Making Connection assessment - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (4 slides) and ready-to-print PDF

  • Final written assessment piece (with rubric) for students to show knowledge, understanding, thinking, application, and communication. 

Why choose this resource? 

Boost Reading Comprehension: Students will uncover the keys to deeper understanding in their reading materials, enhancing their overall comprehension.

Nurture Critical Thinkers: Our bundle cultivates critical thinking skills, equipping students with the ability to analyze and connect ideas effectively.

Masterful Writers: As students grasp the art of making text connections, their writing skills will naturally improve, allowing them to articulate ideas more convincingly.

Confidence Builder: Proficiency in connecting texts leads to increased confidence, setting students up for academic success.

Aligned with Curriculum Standards: Our resources are meticulously aligned with the new Ontario Language Curriculum expectations, ensuring that your students receive education that is relevant and effective.

Adaptable & Comprehensive: Whether you're teaching in a traditional classroom or utilizing digital platforms, our bundle seamlessly adapts to your teaching style, offering a comprehensive solution for all your needs.


Ontario Language Curriculum Expectations:
A3.1 explain how the knowledge and skills developed in this grade support learning in various subject areas and in everyday life, and describe how they enhance understanding and communication
C1.1 read and comprehend various texts, using knowledge of words, grammar, cohesive ties, sentence structures, and background knowledge
C2.1 identify and explain prior knowledge from various sources, including personal experiences, that they can use to make connections and understand new texts
C2.5 describe how the ideas expressed in texts connect to their knowledges and lived experiences, the ideas in other texts, and the world around them
C2.7 explain how strategies such as visualizing, making predictions, summarizing, and connecting to their experiences have helped them comprehend various texts
D2.3 establish a personal voice in their texts, using varied language and elements of style to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about a topic, and using a tone appropriate to the form and genre


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