Grade 3 4 5 6 Point of View Writing - NEW Ontario Language Curriculum

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Check out this dynamic and comprehensive resource designed to transform your students into point of view specialists! This engaging toolkit is crafted to empower young minds for Grades 3-6, fostering a deep understanding of narrative perspective through a combination of fully editable Google Slides, a thoughtfully curated assignment (includes a rubric), and detailed scaffolded handouts.

What's Included:

1. Point of View Introduction - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (13 slides) and ready-to-print PDF
  • Introduces the concept of POV (first person, second person, third person)
2. Point of View Written Assignment - FULLY EDITABLE Google Doc (2 pages) and ready-to-print PDF
  • Assignment outline and rubric
3. The Three Little Pigs Example - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (11 slides) and ready-to-print PDF
  • An example of a story to show students what is expected of the final written assignment
4. Point of View Scaffolded handout - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (3 slides) and ready-to-print PDF
  • Easy to follow steps to help students brainstorm and plan out the plot of their stories.

5. Point of View Scaffolded handout sample ANSWERS - PDF 

6. Good Copy story template - FULLY EDITABLE Google Slide presentation (2 slides) and ready-to-print PDF
  • A final good copy template students can write their stories on.

Why choose this resource?

Critical Thinking: Encourage students to think critically as they analyze and evaluate how different perspectives affects a narrative.

Creativity: Foster creativity by challenging students to experiment with various points of view before writing their final assignment.

Clear expectations: A detailed example is given to model to students what is expected of them.

Ontario Language Curriculum Expectations:
B3.1 identify and construct various sentence types and forms.
B3.3 use their understanding of the meaning and function of capitalization and punctuation to communicate meaning clearly and coherently.
C1.6 identify the narrator’s point of view, including first, second, or third person, in a variety of texts.
D1.1 identify the topic, purpose, and audience for various texts they plan to create.
D2.1 draft texts of various forms and genres.
D2.3 establish a personal voice in their texts, using varied language and elements of style to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about a topic.
D2.4 identify the point of view used in their texts.
D2.5 make revisions to the content of draft texts and to elements of style.
D2.6 edit draft texts to improve accuracy and style.

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